Comparing with 2016 „Rally Žemaitija“ this year will be some changes. First of all, changed the format, and

instead of the three days rally will be held two days. The second important innovation – Rally cars park will

besupplemented by participants of Lithuanian Rally Sprint Championship (LARSC) and historical cars

group („History“). The event of LARSC together with “Rally Žemaitija” last time was carried out in 2015,

and the “History” class, which is very popular in neighboring Latvia, will have a chance to debut in

Žemaitija. As every year, we await arrival of guests from Latvia, Poland and the Nordic countries, and the

estimated number of participants may be about 70 -80 crews.

Rally HQ will be located as last year in Kelme culture center. Service park will be located in the traditional

place – Vytauto Didžiojo street, in the city center, and this year here are prepared more service places with

larger area. What is more news, that this year, next to the Service park will not be installed refueling zone.

Rally participants may use four refueling zones in the rally route: one of them will be at the entrance to the

Kelme city, and the other which the crews will use thrice, will be located in Kražiai town.

All of stages surface – 100% gravel.



Attention: Rally ticket price: 5 Euro per person. The tickets will be sold in Rally HQ on June 16 and in the

SS access roads only on June 17. Test stage will be free for spectators.

Rally ticket valid for rally day and entitle the right to visit:

 All of the special stages;

 Awarding ceremony;

 Rally concert.

Permits will be granted only the:

 Organizer‘s authorized persons;

 Media representatives.

Rally tickets will be available for purchase in advance cheaper. About the pre-ticket sale will be

announced soon. Follow the information!