2nd Event of 2019 Lithuanian Automobile Rally Championship
2nd Event of 2019 Lithuanian Automobile Rally Sprint Championship



  1. By working during the race you must be especially careful, because only from your own depends your security. It is valid all during over rally time: in the racetrack, service parks, etc.
  2. You must unconditionally obey of the safety marshals and of the official persons claims. The Organizer has the right without notice cancel the rally accreditation for violators of this rules.
  3. During the race, you have to wear “PRESS” vests, which are issuing only for the photographers and cameramen during accreditation. These vests and accreditation card is valid permission to take photos and record videos during rally time outside from the boundaries of Spectators zone, but not more than 2 meters away from the safety tape, and in any case – just in a safe place. We recommend a symbol “Media” marked areas. Every person who entered into the danger zone, is responsible for their own safety, health and life.
  4. Take with himself only the currently necessary equipment. Recorded photo/ video moments review only in a safe place outside the race track.
  5. Do not stay too close to the race cars. Leave enough space for service personnel. Keep in mind that some parts of the car may be very hot. Always keep a safe distance from the race cars, because the car can suddenly and unexpectedly move from the place.
  6. Be especially careful when working near the race track or in service parks. Always watch out for the nearby vehicles, because from racing car seceded part may injure.
  7. Filming and shooting locations must be select in advance, until the start of the special stage.
  8. Any exit to the race track during the rally or walking across the road is strictly prohibited (except the Organizer’s provided catwalks, with security guard, which responsible for the crossing, permission).
  9. Never stand near an ambulance, fire brigades, evacuation, marshals cars. In case of emergency, these vehicles will move very quickly and without any prior notice.
  10. In the start or service zones please be only for a time, for as long as necessary to perform your job.


    The press centre will be open during rally time:

    Place:           Kelmė Culture Centre, Vytauto Didžiojo str. 73, Kelmė                  GPS: 55.6318, 22.9359

    Date:            14-06-2019 (Friday)                                                     Time: 15:00 – 24:00

    Date:            15-06-2019 (Saturday)                                                 Time:  8:00 – 22:00

    In the Press center for journalists, photographers, video operators and team representatives will be available:

    • receive accreditations and the stickers;
    • make use of free wireless internet access;
    • having a personal workplace for photo/ video/ audio and textual materials processing.

    Accreditation will be granted only for media representatives, who submited  pre-accreditation requests till 10-06-2019 (Monday) 17:00. Those wishing to obtain accreditation must present an insurance policy for accidents at least 1500 EUR amount. All decisions on the accreditation are carried by the Organizer. Accreditation in the rally is free. Computers and other equipment are not provided to the media.




    Completed the pre-accreditation form, published on the official rally websites www.rallyzemaitija.lt, www.lasf.lt  must be submitted  by e-mail info@kelmesask.lt till 10-062019, 17:00. The original completed and signed Accreditation form and the valid accident insurance policy must be submitted to the Organizers of “Rally Žemaitija 2019” during  accreditation. The accreditation of MEDIA representatives will take place at Rally HQ, Vytauto Didžiojo str. 73, Kelmė (Kelmė Culture Centre) ) 14-06-2019 from 13:00 till 19:00;  phones +370 615 17189 Lijana;  +370 682 27744 Ingrida;

    For accredited journalists, photographers and operators will be issued accreditation certificates, rally stickers, and will be provide preliminary information about the rally. Rally Press manager: mr.Saulenis Pociūnas, phone +370 612 86613.

    Persons who have been issued with an accreditation certificate may to film, make photos and observe the competition free of charge during the rally, but but only in compliance with the Safety requirements, published in Appendix 6 of this Guide, and comply with all lawful instructions of officials, marshals and security officers. During the rally accredited persons must wear a blue vests with a number, issuing by the Organizer during accreditation. It is mandatory to pay 20 EUR cash deposit, which will be refunded upon after delivering of the vest.