Rally taxi – Become a champion co-driver!!

At the Rally Žemaitija, spectators will be able to feel what it means to ride in a sports car.

Speed lovers will be given a rare and unique opportunity to ride one of the rally tracks in a co-driver’s seat with an experienced rally master.

Those who want to will be introduced to autosports very closely by european champion Aurelijus Simaška.

When: 2022.07.09d. – 11-14 o’clock…


Kražantės g. 31, 86277 Burčiškė, Kražių sen., Kelmės r. sav. Greičio ruožas 7,2 km (3,6km pirmyn, 3,6km atgal).  Atvykti pg. šią nuorodą:


Vehicle: 300 AJ Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 ir EVO 9 (fully geared for rally).

All participants will have the opportunity to receive a video with their ride! (Faces and the front view from inside the car will be filmed by 2 GoPro cameras, 2 operators will work on the track).

Registracion: At 2022.07.02 d. internet (info@euroracing.lt)(nurodyti Name, Surname, ph. no. and desired start time). At 2022.07.09d. 9:00 o’clock. phone (+37069844854).

Price: I110Eur…

Organizers: UAB „Euroracing“