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Žemaitija jubilee rally is coming soon 

Žemaitija jubilee rally is coming soon 

Rally enthusiasts will start June in Kelme outskirts- on the 2-3rd of June a jubilee 10th Zemaitija rally is taking place. Competitions of this year are included in Lithuanian rally and sprint rally championship calendar. Competitions which were organized in Kelme 10 years ago by bright memory of  Tomas Savickas, could  welcome about 100 crews. Besides the rally of this year will be the second stage of the Baltic sea rally championship. I hope that Tomas is watching our championship from the Heaven. He would be happy how rally has been developing gradually – a large and enthusiastic company is ready to continue that He had started. His goal was that the stage in Kelme region would become one of the best rally races in the country and we feel really happy and proud that we managed to reach the 10th jubilee. I hope that the event would be a perfect present for everyone: participants, rally fans and the ones who were involved in the events from the very beginning. We will do our best to make the event the best memory ever.  
So we say welcome for the 10th time to everyone who is coming to our area to demonstrate the their best for spectators and town guests. Here in Kelme together we will make a great vibe.

Two long days

The event organized by Kelme autosport club will continue 2 days. On Friday the crews who are members Lithuanian rally championship (we expect about 60 crews) will compete in 6 speed stages. 

The crews will start the first 8,05km speed stage since 6.20. p.m. the second rally speed stage is longer -13 km, first crews start at 6.50.p.m. The same stages are raced for the second time- since 8.25 p.m. and 8.55 p.m. bu the first compation day is not over yet. Late evening, when mechanics equip the cars with extra lights, the participants compete in 4,65km and 6km stages, the crew a stat since 11.10 p.m. and 11.35 p.m.

On Saturday rally sprint participants crews will join the competition – about 40 crews expected. Since Saturday morning the participants will take same route- there are 6 speed stages, total length is 60,27 km. This is the exact number of km in rally sprint where the crews compete, total Zemaitija rally kilometres in two days is 113 km.

On Saturday the crews race in two speed stages once, in the afternoon 8,9 and 11 km stages twice.

Music band Biplan will create a festive mood whe rally competitions are over. During the event there will be a competition for a record- for the first time in Lithuania we will be able to admire, how fast the car is parked in  a tiny space  between the cars, when drifting Mini Cooper car is parked in only some cm longer than a car space. A real rally star -Renaldas Šeinauskas will demonstrate his professional skills.it will also be interesting to hear from him how the idea for such record came to him and how many cars suffered during the training, we will definitely ask him.it is worth mentioning that Renaldas iis the holder of three Lithuanian records.

So, we kindly invite you to start the summer in Kelme in Zemaitija Rally 2023.

The tickets to speed stages are sold during the racing days at the entrance to speed stages.