Media Accreditation

Media Accreditation

Upon submitting the media accreditation application, media representative shall resolve to duly and correctly inform the auditorium of the represented media about the event. Official title of the rally to be used: Rally Žemaitija 2023

Akreditacijos bus išduodamos:

  • journalists;
  • photographers;
  • TV / Video cameramen;
  • Representatives of competitors.

Accreditation is not envisaged for advertising, marketing or public relations agencies. Upon request of the Organiser accredited representative is obliged to provide to the Organiser the evidence of media activity. Only persons having reached the age of 18 (eighteen) might be considered for accreditation.

Accreditation will be granted only to persons, who have submitted prior e-mail forms of accreditation for the media. Accreditation form is published:;;; Sportity.
Completed pre-accreditation form and a copy of the accident insurance policy (not less than EUR 1500) must be submitted by e-mail till 29-05-2023 (Monday) 17:00. The original signed accreditation form must be submitted during accreditation.

Press center

In the Press center for journalists, photographers, video operators and team representatives will be available:
  • receive accreditations and the stickers;
  • make use of free wireless internet access;;
  • having a personal workplace for photo/ video/ audio and textual materials processing.

Media safety rules

  1. It is strictly forbidden to be on the race site under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants.
  2. Accredited media representatives during the race must follow all instructions and requirements given by marshals, safety staff and officials.
  3. Accredited media representatives must choose a safe observation point on the race track and to be prepared for unusual situations or accidents during all competition.
  4. Accredited media representative with a dedicated vest, issued by the LASF or the event organizer, has the right to be in dangerous areas of the track, not further than 2 (two) meters from the safety limits (fences, lanes).
  5. Accredited media representative without a media vest issued by the event organizer or the LASF is not entitled to be in dangerous areas of the track and in areas designated for media representatives.
  6. Accredited media work or their equipment can no way affect to the safety of the competition or the competitors’ results.
  7. It is forbidden to use “drones” or any other ground-operated equipment without the consent of the organizer.
  8. Beware of moving vehicles! Your safety on the track or in the service zone depends only on you. Pay special attention to the environment around you and the actions in it!
  9. Avoid standing too close to the rally cars in the service zone and do not disturb the work of the mechanics and the whole team!
  10. Avoid leaning on rally cars as they may start to move suddenly and some car parts may be hot or brittle.
  11. Avoid standing near rescue and / or ambulances as they may move abruptly without warning.
  12. In case it is necessary to review the work material (photos, footage, etc.), avoid doing so near or away from the competition track. Choose a safer place!
  13. Avoid crossing the race track as it is possible. If you need to cross the track, choose a place with good visibility and make sure that no cars are approaching.
  14. Violation of any point of the media safety rules may result in withdrawal of accreditation and person’s removal from the race location.
  15. Accredited media representatives must have the insurance policy from accident the amount of at least one thousand five hundred euros (1500 EUR) in case of death, injuries and disability. The insurance policy must state that the insurance is valid during motor sports training and competitions.
  16. By submitting media accreditation, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above rules and assume full responsibility for your actions.