• Please arrive at the desired default rally viewing location, located in a closed section, before the closure of the special stage!
  • The Special Stage is closed one hour before the start of the first sports car.
  • Do not approach areas marked with DANGER ZONE signs!
  • VAlways stay behind the fence, STOP lines, or other barriers set up by the organizer!
  • Do not sit or stand in a place from which you could not quickly escape!
  • Do not leave your car on a closed road or near it!
  • Do not stand below road level (on a slope below the road level).
  • Crossing to the other side of the road is prohibited!
  • If you are with children, please supervise them!
  • Please stay in your place until the end of the special stage, until the organizer’s designated crew (car with green lights) announces the opening of the track!
  • Do not approach the edge of the road! A further viewing location will allow you to see more
  • Your safety, health, and life are more important than the rally crews results!
  • Do not watch the cars from closer than 10 meters! Do not interfere with rally personnel performing their duties, except in important events or incidents!
  • Follow the instructions of judges, safety personnel, and police!
  • Do not pollute the environment! Leave the competition spectating area clean.
  • Be alert if a rally car has an accident on or off the road. Beware of the next incoming rally cars!
  • Never stand on the outside of a turn!

Attention! A spectator who has come to watch a car sports event (rally) must, for their own safety, be aware of the specifics of this sport and the spectator’s responsibility, as provided in the Law on Physical Culture and Sports Amendment Act of the Republic of Lithuania.:

During the event or competition, opportunities must be provided for sports enthusiasts and spectators to familiarize themselves with safety requirements. If sports enthusiasts and spectators do not comply with the established safety requirements and public order rules, the organizer is not responsible for any harm caused to the spectator or others. (2008-04-17, Nr.X-1501, VI skyriaus 42 str. 5 p.